Light up your ADVERTISING with our backlit vinyl banners

Our back-lit vinyl material is specially made to allow more light to come through without affecting the color in your ad. It has a mesh construction giving it the strength required to make extra large prints and still maintain it’s translucent properties. We adjust the color in your print to compensate for the lighting. This ensures your print maintains the beautiful and vibrant color that was originally intended.
Finishing Options:

No Laminate – Print without laminate to save on cost for shorter term projects.

Glossy Laminate – Adds a reflective shine to your print adding depth and gloss.

Matte Laminate – Matte is the “modern” look. A flat finish with deep colors.

Edge Trim – Finishing installation around cabinets, and other fixtures to walls.

Grommets – Metal eyelets made for hanging the banner. FREE of charge.

Fold & Glue – Folded edges for additional strength, and edge finishing. FREE of charge.

Fold & Sew – Folded and sewn edges for supreme strength. FREE of charge.

Pockets – Pockets can be sewn for pipe and drape fixtures, as well as other various needs.

Racking System – We can build a racking system to hold your vinyl sign. We can even help with lighting.

Print Options:

Indoor Outdoor-UV 150DPI Matte Glossy

Where to use: Back-lit vinyl serves the same purpose as back-lit film – only it’s designed to be used in larger scale production. Back-lit film can only print as wide as 5.5ft – where our backlit vinyl has the strength to go as wide as 16ft. It can be installed onto a light box – like seen above, or it can be installed onto a much larger frame, and simply ad lights behind the frame or windows.

Installation Information: Large format back-lit vinyl must be installed by a certified, licensed, insured and bonded professional. We can install it either onto a pre-existing light-box or onto a frame that is “back-lit”.