your Long term advertising solution

Interior adhesive window vinyl has a long shelf life, as it’s stuck to the inside of the window sheltered away from the elements.

The print faces out towards people on the outside / opposite side of the glass. It is naturally slightly less visible than exterior adhesive vinyl because of the glass’s reflection from the outside. Installation can also cost less if installing onto a 2nd, story window – where height becomes an issue.We laminate the front of the print with an optically clear double-sided glue. The glue touching the print is permanent. We have the option of using permanent and removable glue on the window side. Optically clear, double-sided adhesive laminates are typically very expensive – however we mass-produce our orders together, to offer you our unbeatable pricing.
Finishing Options:  

Cut Shape – Large format prints can be cut into any shape or size

No Laminate – Print without laminate to save on cost for shorter term projects

Glossy Laminate – Adds a reflective shine to your print adding depth and gloss

Matte Laminate – Matte is the “modern” look. A flat finish with deep colors

Edge Trim – Finishing installation around cabinets, and other fixtures to walls

Black Back – To block light from coming through the print – designed for windows

White Back – Will allow some light to come through the print – designed for windows

Print Options:

Indoor Outdoor-UV 150DPI 300DPI Black Back White Back


Where to use?

Interior adhesive window vinyl is great to install on 2nd story windows (or higher). It avoids costly height and dangerous work costs, as well as potential bucket truck, and other lift rentals. As installation is completed form the inside of the building, the material is protected from the elements, and will last much longer.


“Installation Information:

Large format window vinyl must be installed by a certified, licensed, insured and bonded professional. Glass should be cleaned, and any old advertisements should be removed. We will re-prep the glass before applying the window film. We guarantee our work is bubble and wrinkle free!