Light Box printing that is highly translucent, with ultra vibrant colors!

All of our light box films are highly translucent, and printed on our 2440×2440 high def resolution printer. The colors shine with our radiant inks, and translucent material. This allows more light through, making the advertising image jump out at your clients. The signage comes to life with our prints. Our wide, large format printer allows us to print the largest signs in the industry.

Size Options: Any Custom Size Any Custom Shape

Material Options: 100gsm 125gsm, Glossy, Matte, Indoor, Outdoor, Long Term, Short Term

Backlit film is highly translucent and made to go into Light Box Displays

Backlit adhesive has a white backed adhesive side which allows the light to pass through. Back lit adhesives typically are stuck onto white plexi glass which gives it a vibrant look and perfectly flat finish

Back lit vinyl are made for applications exceeding 6ft widths. They are typically used in outdoor applications