Window cling is great because it can be applied to a glass surface without any glue. Simply wet the window, and the back of the cling with a spray bottle, apply the sticker, and squeegee the water out. To remove, simply grab a corner, and peel back. Re-apply if desired. Window cling is re-usable, roll-able, and easy enough you can do it yourself.
Finishing Options:

No Laminate – Print without laminate to save on cost for shorter term projects.

Glossy – Adds a reflective shine to your print adding depth and color.

Matte – Matte is the “modern” look. A flat finish with deep colors.

Edge Trim – Finishing installation around cabinets, and other fixtures to walls.

Grommets – Metal eyelets made for hanging the canvass material.

Fold & Glue – Folded edges for additional strength, and edge finishing.

Fold & Sew – Folded and sewn edges for supreme strength.

Pockets – Pockets can be sewn for pipe and drape fixtures, as well as other various needs.

Racking System – We can build a racking system to hold your canvass sign.

Print Options: Indoor Outdoor-UV 150DPI 300DPI Black Back White Back

Where to use?

Back-lit vinyl serves the same purpose as back-lit film – only it’s designed to be used in larger scale production. Back-lit film can only print as wide as 5.5ft – where our backlit vinyl has the strength to go as wide as 16ft. It can be installed onto a light box – like seen above, or it can be installed onto a much larger frame, and simply ad lights behind the frame or windows.

Installation Information:

Large format window vinyl must be installed by a certified, licensed, insured and bonded professional. Glass should be cleaned, and any old advertisements should be removed. We will re-prep the glass before applying the window film. We guarantee our work is bubble and wrinkle free!